Westfield Utilities



The City owns and maintains the Municipal Water System, Municipal Sewer System and Municipal Electric Distribution System.

The City is a part owner of the first publicly owned Wind Farm. The wind farm is located a few miles from Algona, Iowa. The Wind Farm is producing electricity and Westfield is receiving an income from the sale of the electricity produced.

The City of Westfield is proud to have a good relationship with the City of Akron. Akron provides Westfield with police protection. The Akron public works department is always willing to help out with our City utilities any way they can.

The City of Westfield owns its own electrical distribution system. The City purchases electricity from North West REC.

The City is a member of the  Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities and the Iowa League of Cities.



Billing Information:

Westfield City Hall, 223 Union St., P.O. Box 5, Westfield, Iowa 51062

Barbette Grimm, City Clerk-- 712-568-2631 or 712-568-2625

City Hall Hours: Weekdays--2:00pm to 5:00pm

Maintenance:  Carlos Mendoza --712-568-2631


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